NORWAY HOUSE Ltd. is privately owned company founded with the goal to offer Serbian, Montenegrin and Northern Macedonian market different types of well-known high standard products from Norway. We are recognized among Norwegian brands as a reliable, trustworthy importer and distributor for the above-mentioned countries.

Our second strategic goal is to offer the Norwegian market an assortment of well-known, high quality products and services from Serbia and neighboring countries, that can be competitive on the Norwegian market. The Balkan House NUF branch in Norway, located in Oslo and Bergen, is in charge of that part of our business. Balkan House NUF is engaged in the import and distribution of well-known brands from the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia for the territory of the Kingdom of Norway.

Friendship between Serbian and Norwegian people has been long known and confirmed throughout history.

The establishment of our company should be one of the bridges connecting the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia with the Kingdom of Norway. Since its establishment, Norway House Ltd, has been supported by His Excellency the Norwegian Ambassador and the Norwegian Embassy for the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia.